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Promena VR creates virtual reality systems and software for the behavioral health care industry. Our systems provide clinicians with VR-based tools that can enhance both the efficacy and efficiency of their services in a wide range of behavioral and mental health settings.


Our mission at Promena VR is to transform behavioral health care delivery internationally through the distribution of cutting-edge, virtual reality-based tools that allow clinicians to administer behavioral therapy in ways that were never before possible.

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Our systems allow clinicians to enter virtual reality with their patients through the combined use of facial and body motion capture, voice modulation, and virtual reality. Clinicians are able to present as individuals of any race, gender, or age in any environment.

Beta Test

We are seeking research-oriented organizations and facilities to test our systems in a clinical setting. Our systems are compatible with any form of existing therapy that addresses patients experiencing interpersonal and communication difficulties.

Clinicians have been limited in their behavioral treatment options in the past, often having to rely on indirect methods, such as behavioral homework and in-session roleplays to address interpersonal and communication difficulties. Our systems give clinicians a tool to directly work on these difficulties, with options that can be customized to the individual needs of their patients.


Oxford Study

Virtual reality can help treat severe paranoia by allowing people to face situations that they fear, an Oxford University study with patients from the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust has found. The virtual reality simulations allowed the patients to learn that the situations (such as a crowded lift) they feared were actually safe.
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Waypoint Study

In its traditional format, exposure therapy relies on imagination, and (in the case of PTSD) the patient to narrate his or her traumatic experience as if it's happening in the present. Naturally, this can be a very painful process; however, guided by a therapist in a safe setting (via VR), the idea is to confront your fears rather than avoid them.
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